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Java Beans

Java bean is the java class that is developed by the following standards:-

· Class must be public.

· Recommended by implementing Serializable

· Bean properties(member Variable) should be private and non-static.

· Every Bean property should have one getter-setter method

· Should have a zero-param constructor directly or indirectly.

3 Class of java beans:-

VO(Value Object Class) — To hold input or outputs

DTO(Data Transfer Object) — To carry data from one layer to another layer or from one project to another project.

BO Class/Entity Class/Model Class — To hold persistable /persistent data

Well Designed java class…

Our Project needs jars , without jar we can’t use technologies and Framework in our Projects, called as Dependencies.(Jar is collection of .class File)

Maven is used to automate process of Dependencies(i.e jars) which is also Known as Dependency Management Tools.

Where Maven is used?

Multiple jar

Dependencies and version

Project structure

Building, Publishing and Deploying

Project execution in the REAL WORLD-




End client/customer provides all his requirements to BA. BA prepares the document (known as EPIC). Which contains functional and technical requirements. It is like a reference book to product/project. We need to develop only points provided in document(not more or less) This document needs a final review by End Client and approval by Product Owner.

*Epic Conversion:-

Epic will be divided into 2 parts initially. Those are

• High level Design/Document • Low level Design/Document

HLDs are constructed for End User(for product understand and usage) and LLDs are done for Programmer View

(LINQ Statement SQL with dotnet)

What is difference between LINQ and SQL (For the .net developer)

The main difference between LINQ and SQL is that LINQ is a Microsoft .NET framework component, which adds native data querying capabilities to .NET languages, while SQL is a standard language to store and manage data in RDBMS.

Key Areas Covered

1. What is LINQ
-Definition, Functionality
2. Relationship Between LINQ and SQL
-Outline the association
3. Difference Between LINQ and SQL

1 — — — — — — — — — - Description of LINQ:-

LINQ is a library used to execute queries directly in C# syntax against…

What is Git

It is an open source distributed version control system.


1>Version Control System / Source Code manager-It is the property of git when is used to following operations:-

i:We can undo things whatever we have committed or not.

ii:We can get all the tracks and the process of changes that has been performed with the repository file.

iii:We can see our last modified changes in repository.

iv:We can check which lines were causing problem initially.

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